Thursday, March 29, 2012

Neil Strauss - The Game - Remastered Audiobook

Neil Strauss - The Game - Remastered Audiobook

Neil Strauss - The Game - Remastered Audiobook

HASH: 45ec97dd883112c421214791c7e322c97e8e4b84

*Neil Strauss - The Game -

+Audio/01-01 - Preview.mp3

+Audio/01-02 - Meet Neil the AFC.mp3

+Audio/02-02a1 - Neil Meets Mystery.mp3

+Audio/02-03a - Mystery Runs Game on Scott Baio's Date.mp3

+Audio/02-05 - Neil Sarges.mp3

+Audio/02-07b-8 - Grimble Opens the AMOG's Wife.mp3

+Audio/02-09 - Neil Meets Ross Jeffries.mp3

+Audio/03-01 - Neil Becomes Style.mp3

+Audio/03-02 - Style Number-Closes Playmate of the Year.mp3

+Audio/03-03b - White Socks.mp3

+Audio/03-07 - Locking In.mp3

+Audio/04-03 - Ross Tells Style About David D.mp3

+Audio/05-02 - Style Kiss Closes HB11.mp3

+Audio/05-03 - Style Meets Heidi Fleiss.mp3

+Audio/05-05 - The Natural Tries To Warn Style.mp3

+Audio/05-06 - Mystery and Style In Australia.mp3

+Audio/05-07b - Mystery Gives the Freezeout.mp3

+Audio/06-09 - Tyler Breaks From Mystery.mp3

+Audio/07-01 - Tom Cruise AMOGs Style.mp3

+Audio/07-03,5 - Project Hollywood Finds a Home.mp3

+Audio/08-03 - Tyler AMOGs Mystery.mp3

+Audio/08-07-8 - Tyler Stylemogs Style.mp3

+Audio/08-11 - Style Meets Courtney Love.mp3

+Audio/08-13-14 - Style Runs Game On Britney Spears.mp3

+Audio/09-01 - Katya Arrives.mp3

+Audio/09-03 - Mystery Is Not a Father.mp3

+Audio/09-05-6 - Mystery and Katya Break Up.mp3

+Audio/10-04 - Lisa Arrives.mp3

+Audio/10-06 - Lisa Gives Style the Push-Pull.mp3

+Audio/11-01-2 - The House Meeting.mp3

+Audio/11-03 - Lisa Reappears.mp3

+Audio/11-06 - Neil and Lisa Go On a Date.mp3

+Audio/11-08 - Neil Finds True Love.mp3

+Audio/11-09 - Tyler Takes Over Project Hollywood.mp3

+Audio/11-14 - Style Reflects On His Journey.mp3

+Print/The Game - Neil Strauss (OCR).pdf

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