Monday, April 23, 2012

JoomVision - Bronto (Joomla)

JoomVision - Bronto (Joomla)

JoomVision - Bronto (Joomla)

JoomVision - Bronto (Joomla) | 29 MB
If you are looking for a joomla template for your shopping cart online, JV Bronto is for you. Purely built from a shopping cart concept, JV Bronto maximized the ability of showing all your products to visitors in a smart way.

Looking closer, we will see JV Bronto has brought with it number of modules which are really handy and useful. Firstly, JV VirtueMart Product Search which using ajax feature, show you all products or categories you are looking for instantly. All other latest products were handled by latest products in main area keeps your homepage always up to date. Right under main content, JV VirtueMart Product Scroller holding list of your hottest products and scroll them into view to catch better attention. However, we still keep the place for you to show content right under header with JV SlideContent. Any articles can be place there with JV Content Slideshow.

We understand that a Shopping Cart online always encounter an indisposed situation while choosing template to run the business. That's why JV Bronto was built carefully with stricly test to ensure a high quality and professional template release to club.

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